My Story

Not too long ago, I experienced a decade rife with health imbalances – compulsive cycles of pushing hard to “make myself better” followed by sabotaging cycles of over-exertion, self-criticism, squelching my potential to keep these unconscious habits in place. I’d get myself to an empowered place, “ready to make it happen” to only fall back into cycles of procrastination, self-doubt, over-analyzing and paralyzing fear.

I spent those years blaming myself for inadequacies I felt over my physicality and performance, never quite “getting it right” instead of getting to the root issue. I was spiritually, creatively, and emotionally starved and not living in alignment with the vision I wanted for my life.

I lacked an understanding of how to channel my passion in a career direction, and kept spinning my wheels, merely surviving and acting on autopilot at my corporate 9-5 and not truly living. The sense of confidence I felt most of my life started withering away and my identity was reflecting a dulled down version of the passionate girl who felt deep within that she could create anything her heart desired.

My time and energy was focused on the outside by “moving forward” with my external achievements rather than bringing the focus inside to discover the heart of my purpose.

Through deep inquiry to clarify my desires, and intentionally applying them into practical consistent practices, I discovered the key to making anything happen. It’s been a radical adventure since this deep understanding and it’s my life’s work in supporting you claim yours too!

This awakening to commit to living in integrity with my purpose led me to incredible life experiences. Through this journey I have created a process to Work For Purpose, a transformational method that combines practical business strategy with deep self-inquiry. These tools, strategies and insights will support you through your career transition, business launch, and actualizing ideal lifestyle changes.


To Work for Purpose means to focus on what matters most, and find any means possible To honor these values while life works around them. When you do this, what you deeply love gets your primary attention. No matter where you are in your process, you never betray or abandon your foremost reason for being. This results in a profound sense of inner peace and high-level ownership over your own life’s journey.

The trajectory of my career has been anything but a straight line. I’ve zigged and zagged plenty of times in my journey and it hasn’t always been easy to listen to my heart. I think about the time I quit my investment banking job and moved in with my 86-year old grandmother so I could take an unpaid internship at a coaching startup, and I remember the fear and overwhelm that came with that choice.

“Can I have this? Is this really possible? How can I make my career and lifestyle dreams a reality?”

Each time I took the next step in my evolution, I faced those tough questions. My anchor has always been to remember that I am pouring my heart out and taking big risks because I have a greater vision for myself. Through and through, I hold an unwavering belief and commitment to Work For Purpose.

Whether working a 9-5 in the corporate world, forging my own entrepreneurial path, or holding down several jobs at once, I always found solace in the knowledge that I was the primary author of my own life’s narrative. As each chapter has unfolded, I’ve been called to invest in myself in new ways, and to identify creative solutions that help me hold true to my core values, even in the face of distraction, adversity, and sometimes a dwindling bank account.

The choice to follow your true desires is often inconvenient and challenging, and might not make sense to anyone else. My experiences as health coach, career strategist, executive recruiter, account executive, and even front desk assistant have taught me that the only “right” way is the one that honestly satiates your true gut needs. This acceptance that the “right way” looks different for everyone is the embodiment of what I teach.

In any job, in any role, I am always working for purpose. I am dedicated to using my energy, focus, and vision to create something that has meaningful impact for others. That awareness and alignment of self is at the heart of Work For Purpose, and it’s what I am committed to offering those I serve.


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