Coping with career conflict can be hard.

If you’re feeling stuck with no clue where to go next, start here.

1. Core Career Need. List all the things you want in your career. Be free and unapologetically bold with sexy and exciting standards to start. Next, without analysis, feel into what on the list brings a “hell yea!”. The ones that energetically grab you, highlight them. Then do that 4x over down your list. Next to what is highlighted, ask, why does this matter to me? Write the answer next to it. Be honest and establish your core career need and your core career want. They may be opposing, do not worry. Your job is to clarify the truth. Take some space and just be with the truth for a bit.

Core areas of need and want may include: money (be discerning here), work environment, contribution/meaning, flexibility/space, professional growth/mentorship, skill acquisition/business skill.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have a lot of what you want integrated but it can be helpful to gain clarity around the core career need first (practical), then move towards working a plan to start to integrate that core want (preference). You will be surprised if you attack the core needs with some support and a plan how quickly you can progress through it and start getting to the good stuff. Personally and with many clients I have seen a 9-12 month trend in complete career/life transformation. A year is not that long if you have a few decades to go. Be laser clear on the core need in your career right now.

2. Everyday Action. Take 20-minutes of action every day towards this area. It doesn’t matter if you search LinkedIN, apply to a job that seems “meh”, or write an email to a former colleague or friend telling them what you think you are looking for. If you don’t show up (doesn’t even matter what action you take at the start) great opportunities are not going to show up. Like attracts like. Action attracts opportunity eventually. Wrong action leads to right action. Your most important “job” if you hate your job is to take any action.

(TIP: It usually feels something like “I don’t know if this action is right” but your gut knows that you are on a path of progress through any movement. The confusion will clear.)

3. Do & Detach. Take action and detach to judging how it should look, spending energy obsessively analyzing figuring out what career you want especially if you are in that extremely draining moment along your career path or have been for years. I know how painful career conflict can feel and how difficult it can be to cope if you really hate what you do all day, but it starts with small daily action. Expect you will encounter a lot of opportunities you don’t want, bad interviews, thinking you want one thing then detouring – anticipate the chaos – the momentum will shake it all up (it can often feel more discouraging than less) but don’t let that emotionally derail you from the basic plan. Drop it then invest spending your free time restoring yourself with things that bring you lots of joy. You only have today.

Action. Let It Go. Enjoy Life.

Action. Let It Go. Enjoy Life.

Action. Let It Go. Right Unexpected Opportunity! Enjoy Life.

It’s been a long road of career transitions to come to see that when you want to make a change it starts with taking a seed of clarity and giving it attention and basic nourishment. Water it will small daily actions that don’t have to be logical (just go with your one creative impulse a day – anything!). Have a little patience once you are in action and allowing momentum to take effect. While you’re being patient, you might as well dance through both the rain and sunshine while you’re tending to your garden, waiting for the seed to sprout.

Before you know it Spring will be here.