I’m a feeler.

On a good day I say I’m a creative, empathetic doer. On a bad day I say I’m a creative, empathetic emotional analyzer.

This personality paradox can advance me forward or hold me back. Everyday I have to wake up and actively choose to forge ahead no matter how I feel.

Most of the time I don’t feel like doing a lot of things that will advance me towards my greater vision.

I don’t feel like working out.
I don’t feel like making that call.
I don’t feel like going on that errand or sitting down at my desk.

There’s always that seductive whisper: “Do that later; do this now instead.”

Here’s the deal…

Whether you are on your entrepreneurial path, wishing you were on one, stuck in a job that sorta sucks, or really trying to find the next job, it’s time to start DOING something instead of NOTHING.

More action.
Less analyzing.

I deal with this on a day-to-day basis.

I obsessively make enormous to-do lists that any human can’t accomplish in a week.
I assess the scope of each project and dwell on the big vision more than the next step.
I deliberate on what my workout should be instead of just simply moving at all.
I hyper-analyze the sequence of my tasks to become more efficient while that act itself yields the opposite.

I waste a lot of time dwelling and deliberating on the delusion of the perfect path to make my dreams a reality, which is simply delaying my dream from happening.

But when I start doing, I elicits more clarity than my meager mind can conjure on its own.

I still want to reject this process. I still want to wait for the perfect set of circumstances to come into being so I can feel more comfortable about taking action. Everyday, I still wish I had more money, more time, more help and I replay the broken audio in my mind that says things like:

“Wait, I need more…before I can…”
“Once I have…then I will…”

This audio is a dream killer. Doing something is always better than doing nothing.

Move in the direction of your passion and your purpose; there is another inner whisper that is calling you towards it.

You don’t have to know the exact “how” and you won’t until you lean in, do, and learn. Please do not delay!

Make the call about the certification.
Schedule that meeting.
Ask for what you want and need from your boss.
Just DO the next thing that feels appropriate.

Move towards whatever action feels compelling and aligned with a sense of joy and feeling good.

When my soul was dying in my corporate job and I had no idea how I would find work I was passionate about and pay my NYC rent, I just did the only thing I felt like doing.

I started baking.
Literally, baking.

It seems like ridiculous advice but the essence of my action was igniting my creativity which felt dampened by my day job. I was taking small action to express this part of myself that was fading, and in doing so I started to strengthen this muscle. As I felt more filled up inside myself, I started to take more actions from a renewed sense of energy I was creating.
Quickly it led me to other small actions like hiring a Coach, enrolling in a certification program aligned with things I was passionate about and the next thing I know I was venturing on my passion-infused career path.

You can create your dreams, but you must start doing things in the direction of that passion and releasing the judgement about how it should look.

Sounds simple, but it starts here. Without action there won’t be much momentum.
Without momentum there won’t be much learning.
Without learning there won’t be much growth and data to direct you to more aligned action.

Get it?

Either you are static and deliberating or you are moving and taking whatever action seems to make sense to get you going.

Don’t wait for the perfect plan. The ideal answer.

Just DO.

Successful people are willing to DO what most people are not. They do what is often inconvenient. They take action in the direction of their dreams without being certain of the outcome. They choose to act despite the enormous gravity and oppressive self-doubt in the early stages of a new venture.

People that make things happen are able to move through deliberation, questioning, analyzing, and building a case for why things won’t work, and activate any solutions they can find within their current circumstances. Because they do this often they become better at doing it quickly. They become good at making changes faster, producing quicker, resulting in the attainment of big goals.

They use what they have instead of focusing on acquiring more.
They decide to DO something instead of DELIBERATE about what exactly to do.

This is the KEY to making your dreams into a reality. I preach continuously to clients or anyone who will listen: DO SOMETHING INSTEAD OF NOTHING.

I’m pretty obsessed with this perspective on the art of achieving things. Because I so deeply know that we all have limitless potential. Tune into the desire, look at the choices before you, and decide to focus your energy towards one of them.

In time you will look up and what was once a yearning will be your new normal.

Indecision is deadly.
Action is everything.

Give yourself the gift to be free right now no matter where you are.

List 3 actions you will take towards your ideal dream today.


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